How we started

How we started

Our business began in January 2021.

We are an education group which has been teaching language skills to academic and professional students for over 40 years.  Our colleges in Oxford and Edinburgh are rooted in the academic history of these cities.  We teach children, teenagers, students and professionals throughout all the stages of their academic and professional life.  We guide them through the challenges of performing at their highest level when using a second language.  Our students want to engage with the world across countries and cultures.  They want to be able to move seamlessly from one country or one continent to another whilst maintaining their ability to collaborate and connect with international colleagues and local communities.

Up to now we have taught our students in our colleges in England, Canada, Spain and Germany. Our mission has been to teach language skills to those who need to be able to master the language.  But in 2020 the world changed and we needed to adapt our mission in order to serve the students who need us.

In 2021, we have increased our tutoring expertise to include online courses to help students who need coaching and tuition in their languages.  At age 15 or 25 years, many students have already invested 10 years or more in their language education.  This is an investment which brings rewards throughout every stage of life.  It is very important that students do not lose motivation of study when they are close to their end of year exams.

Our motivation comes from wanting to support the students who need our education even when they cannot travel to be with us in our classrooms.  Our teachers can help the students whose studies have been interrupted and who are at risk of losing their motivation.